June 3 – Communicating Research


Slides: http://www.stanford.edu/class/symsys130/SymSys130-6-3-2013.ppt.pdf.

  • Reasons why researchers might present or write in a way that too few in their audience can understand: (1) not being able to imagine what is difficult for others to understand about a subject one is very familiar with; (2) misjudging the audience as being more familiar with the subject than they are; (3) applying the bad model of others’ practices in the field and assuming that is just how research should be presented; (4) wanting to look like (a) I am smart, (b) I have done a lot of work, and (c) the work was difficult.
  • Much of the current debate around how research should be presented in psychology revolves around the deficiencies of p-values, which measure only P(E|H) when the real quantity of interest is P(H|E).
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